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05. 10. 19


Dining bag is one of the basic equipment of every fisherman for longer trips to the water. To meet certain requirements, everyone certainly has their objective requirements. The dining bag from the CamoCODE range impressed me at first glance and at the moment we must not miss it in our fishing equipment. Let's take a closer look at it. Size -Dining bag CamoCODE is very spacious and has very suitable dimensions of 47cm in width, 25cm in height and 30cm in depth. The height is adjusted so that the bag fits comfortably under the bedchair.

Dining thermo bag CamoCODE

Equipment -
The bag consists of a large central pocket, which is equipped with silver foil and thermoplastic. On the sides of the bag, we find side pockets that can be practically folded. The front of the bag has a stylized pocket in a semicircle, which can be practically opened and folded. Of course, there are good quality two-way zippers. For carrying over your shoulder, the bag includes a handy adjustable strap that can be easily detached thanks to the carabiners. The strap on the bag is not missing classic handles to carry in your hand, then they are padding for greater comfort.


Accessories -
The front pocket is equipped with a complete set of accessories for two people. There are two plates made of durable plastic, complete cutlery including a knurled knife and a beer and wine opener. There is also a plastic cutting board and stainless steel jars with silicone gaskets. There are also small stainless steel mugs with a comfortable handle. In addition, the bag is equipped with smaller hand towels. All of this can be found in one pocket, which still contains free space for additional equipment. All equipment is in khaki green and CamoCODE style.


Material -
Dining bag contains high-quality waterproof materials. The whole bag is also washable in an attractive CamoCODE design with interesting camouflage elements. It is sewn from a very strong fabric, which is used for large bags and bedchairs. You can put the dining bag in wet and dirty as well, the bottom of the bag is, of course, waterproof and washable.


Evaluation -
As I wrote in the introduction, the CamoCODE dining bag must not be missing in our fishing gear. It meets all our demanding requirements for size, equipment and material. It is a very spacious Thermo bag with practical and comfortable accessories for two people. A smaller alternative to this bag is the Premium Dining Kit, which contains only dining accessories for two people, similar to the CamoCODE Dining Bag. However, there is missing such a knurled knife, opener or practical cutting board.

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