Bagpack CamoCODE Expedition

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Product code: M-BPCCE | Product EAN: 2000020812889

Product description

A fully featured luxurious rucksack in a digital camouflage design. The main compartment with its moulded bottom is accessible from the top or from the side thanks to a zip in the middle section of the backpack. There are also additional outside pockets for storing accessories. The uniquely shaped straps and back belt together with a ventilated and padded rear help to expel heat and reduce discomfort when carrying. Heavy duty zips and zip tabs are standard.


Weight 3128 gr kg
Weight 3128 gr kg
Size 47 x 75 x 30 cm
number of pieces in package 1
Color CamoCODE design
Volume 110 L
Size 47 x 75 x 30 cm

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