Bedchair CamoCODE Air8 + Sleeping bag New Dynasty Xtreme

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Bedchair CamoCODE Air8

A luxury eight-leg bedchair with double mattress. Inside the mattress there is a very durable self-inflating mattress with a valve easily accessible from the back of the pillow. Above this air mattress there is hollow fibre padding, covered with a warm and comfortable fleece cover in a unique CamoCODE design. This combination provides unprecedented comfort and thermal insulation. This bedchair is 100% flat.

Sleeping bag New Dynasty Xtreme

An heavy duty sleeping bag suitable for all season usage that provides comfort in sub zero tempereatures. Two independent and fully insulated top layers can be used to adapt the sleeping bag to any condition. The padding is manufctured from a special micro pore hollow fiber that provides significantly better insulation compared to the standard hollow fibers in the same thickness of padding. All layers have an increased thickness of padding to achieve extreme insulation. The external baffles protect the bag against cold air from coming through the zips.


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