Bedchair New Dynasty AIR8

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Product code: M-BCHNDA8 | Product EAN: 2000020813510

A unique 8-leg bedchair with a fleece cover and a self inflating mattress. The air mattress ensures total comfort that can be compared to your bed at home. The air layer in the mattress provides perfect thermal insulation. This bedchair had been designed to be fully flat and without cumbersome adjustment wheels. The advanced tension system in the mid frame together with manual inflating of the mat allows for an increase in the hardness of the mattress. The legs are fitted with large mud feet and a reliable locking mechanism.


Weight 12,2 kg
Height of sitting part from the ground 27 – 45 cm cm
Length 215 cm
Width 98 cm
Number of pieces in package 1
Strength 160 kg
Transport size 90 x 80 x 30 cm
Transport bag M-TBBCHA8


Manuál k produktu / Product manual (pdf 78.04 kB )

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