Bivvy New Dynasty

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Product code: M-BIVND | Product EAN: 2000020805386

A luxurious and spacious bivvy constructed from an extremely resistant material (M-Tec 410) with a waterproof resistance of 10.000 mm. The extraordinary quality and thickness of this material can be identified at first inspection and these bivvies can be considered as the premier within the industry. Its frame made from 19 mm reinforced poles is based upon a classic pram hood construction with a front porch canopy , many new ideas were incorporated into its design. The extended porch canopy protects the whole doorway from the ingress of rain. The bivvy has ten loops to hang lights and other accessories. The width of this 160 cm high bivvy is variable and can be erected in three different positions. The groundsheet is fixed with two metal clips and velcro fasteners along the bivvies periphery. The door is fitted with a ventilation flap to ensure a good circulation of air and to lower the humidity level inside the bivvy. The reinforced zips are equipped with large Easy Grip tags that can be illuminated with chemical lights. On the front of the bivvy are four Velcro fasteners to hold the rods securely.


Weight 2.8 kg
Water resistance 10000 mm
Number of pieces in package 1
Transport size 25 x 25 x 115 cm
Size 325 x 295 x 165 cm
Note For 2-3 person
Height max. 165 cm

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