Bivvy Professional

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Product code: M-BIVPR | Product EAN: 2000020813435

A model designed medium sized bivvy made from the uncompromising M-TEC 410 material. The frame with two 19 mm ribs and steep walls provides a large inner area but it maintains a compact overall size. The pram hood helps to protect the door area and to make a spacious porch area if the overwrap is used. This bivvy utilizes advanced technical features from all of the other Mivardi bivvies (rod holders, illuminated zip pullers, accesory holders inside the bivvy, ventilation flap above the door, large windows, ... ).


Weight 13,4 kg
Water resistance 10000 mm
Number of pieces in package 1
Transport Length 160 x 20 x 20 cm
Size 295 x 280 x 150 cm
Note for 2 Person
Height Max. height 150 cm

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