Rapid Boilie Mix Champion Platinum B17 (3kg)

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Product code: M-RABMCPB1730 | Product EAN: 2000020820556

Varianty produktu - Rapid Boilie Mix Champion Platinum B17 (3kg)

Product description

The original recipe mixes as used in the production of Rapid Champion Platinum boilies. With these mixes, you can prepare your own home-made boilies with superb results. Detailed information regarding the available variants of these mixes can be found in the descriptions of our ready-made boilies. Home manufacture of boilies allows for preparation of various shapes and sizes of bait. Also, the flavour level of the baits can be altered for specific conditions at your venue. During preparation of your home-made boilies, use one bucket of our dry mix and add one bottle of the R-FACTOR additive plus one bottle of Rapid Aminoliquid plus 9 or 10 standard eggs. If you need to prepare very hard boilies you can add 15 - 30 grams of egg albumin per one kilo of dry mix.


Weight 3,0 kg
Number of pieces in package 1
Flavour B17

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