Brolly Entrix XL

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Product code: M-BROENXL | Product EAN: 8595712424043

A meticulously crafted brolly by Mivardi, down to the last detail. It maintains the classic umbrella construction but incorporates a spatially efficient system of a central block and struts. This leads to maximising the space above your head when sitting on a bedchair. This brolly introduces a range of unique and innovative construction details that significantly increase internal space, enhance stability, and expedite setup and takedown. A crucial element is the extended two-piece rear ribs, which may or may not be collapsed during transport. Along with the optimized geometry of other ribs, it creates an extremely large internal space with an almost rectangular footprint. This allows the brolly to be used in combination with the largest bedchairs while still leaving enough space inside for a table and luggage. The front section is reinforced and stabilised by a two-piece fiberglass reinforcement with a uniquely designed fixing method. The brolly's construction above the entrance forms a visor that protects the doorway area from rain. The front window is designed as three-layered (mesh/transparent PVC/nylon cover). The entire front panel can be completely detached. The cover is made from M-TEC300 material with a hexagonal texture and features a water resistance of 8000mm and increased mechanical resistance. Four included storm poles are equipped with quick connectors for easy and fast attachment to the brolly's construction. They are also fitted with new Mivardi locks with extreme pressure, allowing for perfect tensioning of the cover. Brolly Entrix is standardly supplied with a complete set including a groundsheet and front panel.

Rear window: 130 x 80 x 80 cm
Front window: 83 x 67 cm

The package includes hammering pegs, 4 pcs of stabilizing bars, a support bar for fixing the visor and a groundsheet with Velcro.


Weight 7,8 kg
Water resistance 8000 mm
Number of pieces in package 1
Height 147 cm
Transport size 163 x 22 cm
Size 270 x 200 cm
Material M-TEC300
Floor type Velcro

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