Brolly New Dynasty - full set

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Product code: M-BRONDSET | Product EAN: 2000020814524

A newly developed high quality brolly manufactured with eight 8mm fiberglass ribs. Four of the ribs are placed on the ground and the remaining ribs are connected by a reinforcing pole. The supplied heavy duty cover manufactured from M-TEC 410 material provides extreme durability and stability. A great advantage of this umbrella is its two large rear windows and a space saving central joint. This umbrella comes with a high quality and durable PVC ground sheet, two short and two long storm poles and a set of heavy duty pegs.


Weight 9 kg
Number of pieces in package full set
Size 220 x 250 x 145 cm
Material M-TEC 410
Transport Length 180 cm
Transport size 180 x 22 cm

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