Combo MX9 Wireless 2+1

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Product code: M-SOMX921 | Product EAN: 2000020815835

Full featured high quality bite indicators with detachable snag ears. Four wheel controls allow for setting of the volume, tone, sensitivity and colour for each L.E.D. Standard features include advanced water resistance, drop back tone and power saving night light (operated manually). The high grade components incorporated into this alarm ensure maximum reliability in any conditions, long lifespan and low pover consumption . The receiver can be easily paired with new alarms. Any possibility of interference is minimized thanks to the employed rolling code transmission technology.

Testing of reach range:
1) Set the “S” wheel of bite indicator to value 5 and turn on the indicator. The indicator starts
sounding continuously.
2) Now turn on the receiver which starts sounding / vibrating and move away.
3) As soon as the receiver stops sounding you have reached the maximum range.


Width for rod 19 mm
Number of pieces in package 2x sounder + 1x reciever
Note LED Color Bitealarm can be setup on Bitealarm
Color LED Receiver: Red / Green / Yellow, Bluelow / Blue


Manuál k produktu / Product manual (pdf 395.32 kB )
Zpětný odběr baterií - Take-back of batteries (doc 109.5 kB )

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