Digital Scale MC50

Available > 50 pieces
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Product code: M-ACODSMC50 | Product EAN: 8595712407794

Luxurious digital scale with massive folding handles, a sturdy hanging ring and a heavy duty carabiner for hanging the weigh sling. The scale allows to choose from three different units with maximum weighing capacity 50kg / 110lb / 99lb 15oz and resolution of 0.01kg / 0.1lb / 1oz. Two classic AAA batteries ensure extremely long battery life. This scale provides ten memory positions for storing date, time and weighing values.

m-acodsmc50-par-1.jpg (131 KB)


Weight 0.383 kg
Number of pieces in package 1
Width 4 cm
Strength 50 kg


Návod k obsluze / Manual (pdf 155.92 kB )

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