M-Boat 160 A

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Product code: M-MB160A | Product EAN: 2000020816016

Unique inflatable boats developed by Mivardi. These boats are further advanced in comparison with the common inflatable boats on the market. They were especially developed to be used with electric trolling motors and their technical design follows this requirement strongly. A specially shaped and raised bow section together with large diameter tubes ensures perfect hydrodynamics and allows for higher speed whilst maintaining power efficiency. This series of boats provides a larger inner space in comparison to the common inflatable boats on the market. The models with an inflatable keel maintain sailing direction even in strong winds. The high specification Korean manufactured material offers incredibly low weight. Standard supplied items include sliding seats with an anti-slip surface, folding oars manufactured from aluminium, power pump with a deflating function, transport bag and a repair set.

M-BOAT boats are not equiped with a overpressure relief. The maximum inflation preassure is  0.25 bar.


Weight 20,4 kg
Max. engine power 1 kW
Max. number of persons 1
Length 160 cm
Compartements 2
Width 98 cm
Floor type airmat
Color dark green
Strength max. 160 kg


Manuál k produktu / Product manual (pdf 163.76 kB )

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