Gel attractor - Carp goulash

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Product code: M-RAGACAG | Product EAN: 2000020812490

Varianty produktu - Gel attractor - Carp goulash

Product description

A mix of powder attractors such as soluble fish proteins, liver extracts and other specific ingredients that give off strong food signals. Wet your bait and then place it into this powder. A layer of special gel will be created on the surface. You can repeat these steps several times to get a real thick layer of gel, toffee apple style. This gel dissolves slowly in the water and makes a cloud of food signals around the bait. If you let the gel layer on the boilie air dry then it will last for several hours in the water.


Weight 0,050 kg
Number of pieces in package 1
Flavour Kapří guláš

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