M-Boat 320 AWB

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Product code: M-MB320AWB | Product EAN: 2000020823786

A new generation of the M-BOAT inflatable boats with a lot of design and construction improvements. The significantly increased width and the modified shape maximise the interior space. This is also aided by a new design of the rear ends of the tubes that allows to place the oars as close as possible to the rear end of the tubes while keeping their function to maintain the sailing direction. The distinctly raised bow, coupled with a special front shaping, an inflatable keel over the entire length of the floor and a specially shaped oars provide excellent hydrodynamic properties and directional stability of the boat. It means a higher speed, easier control and lower power consumption when sailing with electric trolling motor. Reinforced material increases durability and puncture resistance. The inflatable floor with a double top layer is extremely durable and its green colour matches perfectly with the colour of the boat. The black oars and other accessories support the overall design of the boats.

M-BOAT boats are not equiped with a overpressure relief. The maximum inflation preassure is  0.25 bar.


Weight 49,6 kg
Max. engine power 11,2 kW
Width 162 cm
Compartements 3
Length 320 cm
Max. number of persons 4+1
Note air mat
Color dark olive
Strength max. 481 kg


Manuál k produktu / Product manual (pdf 158.78 kB )

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