Chair Comfort Feeder

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Product code: M-CHCOMF | Product EAN: 2000020817235

A special chair developed for the maximum comfort during feeder or match fishing sessions. It is based on our extremely popular and very effective frame construction and the backrest can be easily adjusted if you lift up and move the armrests. The vertically oriented front legs have the very common diameter 25 mm and they allow you to attach various holders and accessories available across the market. The high quality soft touch material makes the mattress extremely comfortable for use for many hours at a time.


Weight 5,8 kg
Size of sitting part (width x Length) 56 x 50 cm
Size of back part (width x Length) 56 x 70 cm
Height of sitting part from the ground (from-to) 39 - 48 cm
Number of pieces in package 1
Color black
Strength 140 kg
Transport size 80 x 73 x 14 cm
Transport bag M-TBBCHPR

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