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An uncompromising suit developed mainly for demanding anglers. The outer jacket and trousers suppied with the system consist of three layers with two membranes that provides an unparalleld comfort, waterproofing and breathability. If a minimum amount of water was to go through the first membrane (on the outer layer) in really extreme conditions then it will be 100% held from progressing by the second membrane (on the middle layer) . Of course both of these membranes are breathable. The multi layer system protects effectively against the wind as well. The outer layer is made from a robust ripstop fabric combined with an abrasion resistant fabric on the shoulders, knees and rear part of the trousers. Both of these fabrics have an advanced hydrophobic treatment. This impregnation significantly improves the level of water protection and prevents the fabric getting dirty. The functional inner jacket is detachable, light, warm and extremely breathable. The well designed cut of this suite allows for sitting, walking as well as casting, feeding or playing of fish. All leg openings are adjustable using wide velcro tabs. The zip tabs with additional straps can be handled easily even if you are wearing gloves.


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