Method Feeder set QMR Flat XL (50g + 60g + mould)

Available > 50 pieces
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Product code: M-MFSQMRFXL56 | Product EAN: 8595712424449

A practical set of method feeders from the Mivardi brand with the QMR system and mould. The QMR system allows for the easy exchange of the feeder on a ready-made rig for another type or size of QMR feeder within a few seconds. The feeder body is precisely cast from durable plastic in a smoky olive colour. The weights on the bottom of the feeder are in a camouflage design. The shape of the feeder is designed for use with coarse baits and micro pellets. The increased front part reliably holds the bait even when fishing at extremely long distances. The feeder comes with an adapter for quick exchange of the attached rig and an anti-tangle sleeve.

Our team of consultants recommends - Quick replacement of individual loads!These method feeders are quick-changeable, you can change the weight and style of feeder at any time! Thanks to this, you can react to the conditions you are fishing in. It’s time to move your fishing towards greater success!


Number of pieces in package 50 gr. + 60 gr. + mould
Size XL

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