CarpCat Expo Wallau 2022

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20-10-2022 - On 10/15 and 16.10 the Carp and Cat Expo took place in Germany, more precisely in Hofheim-Wallau near Frankfurt. Our crew from Germany offered the visitors a great trade fair.

carpexpo-wallau-2022-anglermesse-karpfenmesse-20.jpg (5.20 MB)

carpexpo-wallau-2022-anglermesse-karpfenmesse-17.jpg (3.90 MB)

carpexpo-wallau-2022-anglermesse-karpfenmesse-32.jpg (3.30 MB)

carpexpo-wallau-2022-anglermesse-karpfenmesse-16.jpg (4.70 MB)

carpexpo-wallau-2022-anglermesse-karpfenmesse-24.jpg (4.50 MB)

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