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12-11-2023 - New storage according to the list. Dear customers, new items are in stock for you. The list of available items is placed in the attached table.We wish you a pleasant purchase on our e-shop and a lot of success with MIVARDI products. Your MIVARDI.

Rapid Boilie Paste ProActive


M-RAPRENS5010   Rapid Pop Up Reflex - Anglická jahoda (50g | 10mm)

M-RAPRGAR5010   Rapid Pop Up Reflex - Garlic (50g | 10mm)

M-RABPPAENS     Rapid Boilie Paste ProActive - Anglická jahoda (150g)

M-RABPPASEA     Rapid Boilie Paste ProActive - Sea (150g)

M-RABPPAANB     Rapid Boilie Paste ProActive - Ananas + N.BA. (150g)

M-RAPESC5008    Rapid pellets SweetCorn - (5kg | 8mm)

M-RAPEECPIN5004 Rapid pellets Easy Catch - Ananas (5kg | 4mm)


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