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24-06-2024 - This series of rods is the result of careful development by the Mivardi brand, with the sole aim of introducing a mid-range carp rod with the highest possible blank quality that follows current trends in carp rod construction and design in every aspect. The Atomium range also marks the 20th anniversary of the Mivardi brand. The Atomium rods were the first higher level carp rods in the history of the brand. This rod represents a combination of perfect construction, material selection, and a minimalistic premium design. As a result, it not only offers maximum performance but also provides unforgettable fishing experiences and passion. At the heart of this rod is a blank with a semi-parabolic test curve, made from high modulus carbon with the addition of low resin carbon. The blank provides excellent dynamics while astonishing low weight and easy control. You will feel the speed, accuracy, and finely tuned action of the rod with every cast and fish fight. Strengthening the lower part of the rod with cross-woven carbon strips helps optimize power transfer to the blank during casting. The fully coated handle ensures maximum comfort during fishing, and combined with the luxury laser-engraved MIVARDI logo cap, it gives the rod a top-class appearance. Ultra-lightweight guides minimise resistance and maximise casting distance and accuracy. This is further aided by the 50mm butt guide. The 16mm end guide with anti-tangle protection provides added confidence during casting.


M-ROATO360H2 Prut Atomium 360H

M-ROATO360SH2 Prut Atomium 360SH

M-ROATO390SH2 Prut Atomium 390SH

M-ROATO360H3 Prut Atomium 360H (3)

M-ROATO360SH3 Prut Atomium 360SH (3)

M-ROATO390SH3 Prut Atomium 390SH (3)

M-ROATO300H2 Prut Atomium 300H

M-ROATO300SH2 Prut Atomium 300SH

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