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09-07-2024 - This reel has been specifically developed for use with spod and marker rods. Its massive worm gear system, combined with a large spool diameter and an increased gear ratio, allows for an impressive line retrieval of 145cm per handle turn, while maintaining the necessary strength and durability during constant winding. The overall durability and smooth spooling are further supported by the use of ten ball bearings. The oversized spool length, along with the super slow oscillation, ensures precise line laying even with thin-diameter SPOD lines and significantly helps to extend the casting distance when baiting with a rocket. Another key parameter of a perfect spod reel is low weight. This requirement is also reliably met by the SPEEDEX SPOD. Considering its exceptionally favourable price, this reel is hard to beat on the market.


Winding 145cm per turn.
Massive gears for long life.
Low weight.
Two line clips per spool.

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M-RSPS      Speedex Spod
M-RSPSS    Speedex Spod - spool

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