B17 and Carp goulash !

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29-05-2023 - Straight after we came back from our autumn trip, we've had good feelings that we are in good shape and have to use it. Second day after comeback we decided to go fishing over night to the lake we love to go and try to catch one of the old carps there. Because we've had all our fishing stuff ready to go as well as boilie carp Goulash and super selective B17, we could have go in the afternoons. After we came to lake we realized ,,our" spot is free so we could have place our baits on spots we already know. After sunset we have caught two long stunning carp weighed over 15kg so our feelings were right. Till the mornig, when we had to go to work, nothing else happened, but for few hours fishing it was a great result. We're looking forward to winter month's and hope can catch a carp on snow. We'll see if that is going to happen, but we'll definitely keep you updated.

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