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07-02-2023 - Also this year on autumn holidays we for a week fishing trip. There were 2 big changes from last year. We had 1 extra child so the total was 4 girls. And the second one was that we have used Mivardi products for first time. We were fishing between 3 and 8 meters. It looked like there will be just few runs, but this has changed in the middle of the week so it was hard to be catching and taking care of our 4 girls. We were using carp Goulash and B17. We caught 40 carps over the week with weight between 5 an 18kg and one 20,5kg. We are very happy and can say Mivardi products has nicely surprised us. Right now, while writing this article, we caught another 2 stunning carps, but about them next time. Mivardi Brothers

Boilies B17


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