Paulina a Szymon - Long winter

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15-04-2021 - The constantly prolonged winter, night frosts, snow and rain effectively discouraged us from going to the water. Finally, the beginning of April allowed us to go for the long-awaited fishing. Unfortunately, not too much time for preparation and fishing itself. At 4 p.m. we pack the equipment and set off to the almost 30-hectare reservoir, with an overwhelming depth of 3.5 meters. We decide to fish in the deepest part of the lagoon, set up the equipment and start baiting. We use cobra with boilies Pineapple N.BA , B17 and Monster Crab, about 30 pcs in total.

Paula proposes a mini competition, whoever catches the biggest fish wins, while the loser unpacks the equipment and cleans the car. Let's start, I use Ronnie Rigs, one of them gets the Crazy Liver pop-up, and the other - Garlic. Paula uses the sinking B17 on a blowback rigs, and Pineapple N.BA on second rod. After 5 p.m. our sets are already in the water, and we are enjoying a long-awaited session. After 2 hours at Paula's first delicate bite, the cause of this confusion was a tiny carp that sticks up at the shore. The result of the competition is still unchanged, but not for long, some time passes and again Paulina's signal telling the melodies we missed so much in winter. A quick haul and a somewhat lethargic, beautifully colored carp goes to mate. Paulina's joy is enormous, and thoughts are piling up in my head whether my pop ups might scare off lazy feeding fish. Fortunately, my problems are solved by a night bite, pop up Crazy Liver turned out to be a tasty morsel for a cute carp. No more strikes by morning, our bet has not been settled. Overtime will be needed which we plan in 2 days. Of course we're going to the same place, same tactic. Again my ronnie rig with a white liver pop, turned out to be effective. I'm catching a beautiful big fish and thus winning. We are very satisfied with our projects. We return home and here Paulina's good mood ends, time for cleaning.

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