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09-03-2023 - Stinkbag - Landing Net - a view on the Product

Especially in autumn or rainy spring, everyone knows the problem that the tackle used can no longer dry properly before packing it up, especially a landing net can be very uncomfortable in the car. For these cases we recommend the "Stinkbag Landing Net" for landing nets. The stinkbag is 100% waterproof and can also be closed watertight and odor-proof. In this way, the wet or damp landing net can be properly packed up after the session without the rest of the tackle also getting wet or the landing net exuding its unpleasant odor in the car.

With the dimensions of approx. 125 x 16 cm, the stinkbag is suitable for all common two- or three-part landing nets. The stinkbag is also recommended for dirty banksticks in it.

There are also stink bags made from the same material for weighing and floating slings, models for shoes, tent covers, unhooking mats and cradles are also available. A complete overview can be found here: "Waterproof bags & stink bags"

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