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04-06-2024 - The innovative and popular TRAVELER carp fishing rod is here! Telescopic carp rod with a surprisingly good action. It has a parabolic curve but still offers a sufficient speed and power for casting. All this with a durability comparable to 2 or 3 section rods. Thanks to the minimal transport length, it can be easily attached to carp backpacks. It is the perfect solution if you need to minimize the dimensions of transported luggage, for example when walking on overgrown terrain.

M-Traveller 360H

MIV-MTR360H Prut M-Traveller 360H

MIV-MTR360SH Prut M-Traveller 360SH

miv-mtr360h-93840825-1716809146.jpg (23 KB)

miv-mtr360h-det2-93840825-1716809199.jpg (100 KB)

miv-tra360h-det3-93840825-1716809211.jpg (120 KB)

miv-tra360h-det4-93840825-1716809221.jpg (100 KB)

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