Bankstick Hardcore XL 80 / 145 cm

Available > 5 pieces
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Product code: M-BSHCXL145 | Product EAN: 2000020814623

Varianty produktu - Bankstick Hardcore XL 80 / 145 cm

Product description

An uncompromising heavy duty stainless steel bankstick with a unique drill point and screw lock for ease of adjustment. A torque bar to insert the bankstick into the ground is also supplied. The inner portion of this bankstick can be interchanged by a complete Hardcore bankstick and with this unique feature you can achieve an extremely long and stable bankstick.


Weight 0,622 kg
Length 80 - 145 cm
Number of pieces in package 1
Diameter 1.6 cm
Material Stainless steel

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