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15. 01. 21


New items have arrived in our warehouse, they are in stock from today! The list of items available is in the attached table. OUR TIP - Brolly New Dynasty: A newly developed high quality brolly manufactured with eight 8mm fiberglass ribs. Four of the ribs are placed on the ground and the remaining ribs are connected by a reinforcing pole. The supplied heavy duty cover manufactured from M-TEC 410 material provides extreme durability and stability. A great advantage of this umbrella is its two large rear windows and a space saving central joint. This umbrella comes with a high quality and durable PVC ground sheet, two short and two long storm poles and a set of heavy duty pegs.

Brolly New Dynasty

M-BCHCO6 Lehátko Comfort XL6
M-RPPRO Rodpod Professional
M-BIVPR Bivak Professional (2 osoby)
M-BIVEX Bivak Executive (1-2 osoby)
M-BRONDSET Brolly New Dynasty (brolly + moskytiéra + přední panel + podlaha)
M-BCAN Rozšiřující předsíň k bivakům
M-ACOMAPRMC Marker Professional Multicolor
M-ACOMAPRO Marker Professional double set
M-TSPREL Vrhací tyč Premium - L
M-TSPREM Vrhací tyč Premium - M
M-ACOTHSPMI Vrhací lopatka malá
M-ACOTHSPME Vrhací lopatka střední
M-ACOTHSPLA Vrhací lopatka velká
M-ACOTHSPH Rukojeť k vrhací lopatce
M-ACOTHSPHL Rukojeť k vrhací lopatce dlouhá
M-MFZL20 Method Feeder Zinc L - 20g
M-MFZL30 Method Feeder Zinc L - 30g
M-MFZL40 Method Feeder Zinc L - 40g
M-MFPL20 Method Feeder Premium L - 20g
M-MFPL30 Method Feeder Premium L - 30g
M-MFPL40 Method Feeder Premium L - 40g
M-MFPL50 Method Feeder Premium L - 50g
M-MFPL60 Method Feeder Premium L - 60g
M-MFPXL50 Method Feeder Premium XL - 50g
M-MFPXL60 Method Feeder Premium XL - 60g
M-MFPXL80 Method Feeder Premium XL - 80g
M-MFSPXL56 Method Feeder set Premium XL (50g + 60g + formička)
M-MFML Method Feeder formička L
M-MFMXL Method Feeder formička XL
MIV-SPOX360H Prut Spotter 360H
MIV-STAFC9H Prut Stalker FC 9H
MIV-STAFC10M Prut Stalker FC 10M
MIV-STAFC10H Prut Stalker FC 10H
MIV-VEC2390SH2 Prut Vector Carp MK2 390SH
MIV-VEC2390SH3 Prut Vector Carp MK2 390SH (3)
MIV-VEC2360H3 Prut Vector Carp MK2 360H (3)
MIV-VEC2360SH3 Prut Vector Carp MK2 360SH (3)
MIV-AKTC24060 Prut Akasa TeleCarp 240-60
MIV-AKTC27060 Prut Akasa TeleCarp 270-60
MIV-AKTC30060 Prut Akasa TeleCarp 300-60
MIV-AKTC30090 Prut Akasa TeleCarp 300-90
MIV-AKTC33060 Prut Akasa TeleCarp 330-60
MIV-AKTC33090 Prut Akasa TeleCarp 330-90
MIV-AKTC36090 Prut Akasa TeleCarp 360-90






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