Jasmin Janibegovic -Mivardi AUSTRIA

19. 08. 18


A little write up by Jasmin Janibegovic about his hunting of one beautiful carp: Lake found, reserved and now it's time to pack tackle. Oh, panic! What tackle do I take with me?

Every carp angler has to deal with this problem. For unknown waters, I just put on my favourite setup. In my opinion, it is in your head which tackle you trust. I bet on the Mivardi Vector rods and the new Lynx reels. I have been testing the reel for a few months now and I am very excited. From the winding, the brake, the workmanship, price / performance up to the design. it is one of my favorites right now. Finally arrived at the lake, I learned that my spot was fed throughout. Hot! Food + Spot = Fish!


 It turned out not to be that easy. After the first fishless night, I quickly realized that the place had been overfished. The lack of oxygen and the huge heat has ensured that the fish do not get into a feeding frenzy. So I left the spot alone and looked for some new spots! Here iron discipline is important! Although the water was bubbling at the spot, I left it alone. An overfished place needs rest to recover. Silence had arrived at the pond and the burning heat made it difficult not only for me, but for all the other anglers as well. After the next night, it was time to fish the hot spot. Leaving the spot alone was the right strategy as it brought fish again. The right bait choice is also crucial! Which boilies should I pack? The choice is easy for me, I pack my two favourites, which are: the Mivardi Rapid Bait series - the Pinneaple + N.BA. and Stinky Tonny.


On the way to bed, one of the bite alarms quietly said goodnight and lit up the swim! Fish? After a good duel, I had the fish in the net, YESSS! After a short breather in the landing net in the margins and then off to the unhooking mat. Thanks Styria I will be back! Jasmin






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