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Product code: MIV-RPAN | Product EAN: 2000020809056

A high specification medium sized reel suitable for extreme distance casting and for serious carp anglers. A large diameter and long cone spool with a specially designed lip that has been optimized for smooth and effective release of the line whilst casting. An important innovation is the unique F.A.C.D. system. It allows the user to fully tighten or release the drag by a half turn of the front drag dial. The water resistant spool (W.R.S.) protects the internal drag mechanism against exposure to water and moisture. In the manufacture of this reel the highest quality materials were utilized. The heavy duty main shaft is machined from stainless steel. The worm drive shaft with a slow oscillation ensures optimal line lay. The precise and smooth function of this reel is accomplished by a series of twelve double-shielded stainless steel ball bearings, titan coated anti-twist line roller, CNC machined metal handle with optimum length and an oversized knob. A huge advantage of this reel is the inclusion of a second metal spool with increased capacity.


Spare spool 1 Alu size 7000
Capacity 0,35mm / 410 m
Ball bearings 12+1
Gear ratio 4,6:1
Size 60 / 70
Technology F.A.C.D - Fast Adjustable Carbon Drag | W.R.S. - Water Resistant Spool


Manuál k produktu / Product manual (pdf 57.46 kB )

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