Rapid Dumbells Reflex

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1.Rapid Dumbells Reflex Devil Squid 18 mm 5,90 EUR
2.Rapid Dumbells Reflex Magic fruit 18 mm 5,90 EUR
3.Rapid Dumbells Reflex Monster Crab 18 mm 5,90 EUR
4.Rapid Dumbells Reflex Cherry 18 mm 5,90 EUR
5.Rapid Dumbells Reflex Garlic 18 mm 5,90 EUR
6.Rapid Dumbells Reflex Pineapple + N.BA. 18 mm 5,90 EUR
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Rapid Dumbells Reflex



Rapid Dumbells Reflex

An exclusive series of fluoro coloured pop ups and dumbells, tough, yet easy to be cut or needled.…

Price from: 5,90 EUR

In stock: YES > 5 pcs

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