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Rapid Boilies Excellent ProActive - Carp goulash

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Proactive boilies have nearly same composition as our standard boilies. The only changes (but really significant) were made in the binding and hardening components. Some differences could be find in the texture that is adjusted for the Proactive boilies to be more fine than standard boilies. The technology used for the production is also very different and very special. The Proactive boilies offer excellent and continuous solubility even in the cold water. The dissolving time depends on the stream, fish activity and water temperature. Within few minutes the boilie starts making an attractive cloud and starts with continuous dissolving. The centre of the ball remains hard until the boilies is completely dissolved. In the testing period there were achieved an interesting catches when the boilies had less than 10mm but it still had a compact shape and stayed safely fixed on the hair.

Carp Goulash

It is not necessary to introduce this legendary boilie. It attracts carp really fast wherever it is used. Its unique aroma from our own production comes from the thirteen herbs added into the mix. This hot and spicy flavour works like a magnet for carp. It is perfect at the venues with a lot of mud on the bottom because it doesn't absorb the smell of the mud as much as the other boilies. The R-FACTOR helps this boilie to release the stable food signal for many hours.


Rapid Natural Concept is made with new production technology and equipment, which is one of the best in Europe. It allows us to produce boilies with the same parameters, structure and operation as you will get from home-made manual production. The new production is not limited by the roughness of the components and allows the addition of real fruit, liver and other fresh ingredients. Of course, fresh eggs are used in all produced boilies. Preservation and stabilization is built to the maximum with natural substances and does not cause a change in the flavor or taste of the baits. You can recognize the new generation, not only by the complementary Natural Concept logo on the bag, but also by the interesting "more natural" surface of the boilies. They are now heavier, denser and have a more accurate diameter and shape. Just like careful home production. This means a significantly longer range and higher accuracy when using a throwing stick. Last but not least, you will notice a much higher stamina life while the ball is in the water.


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