Rapid Boilies Starter - Fruit Bomb 3500g

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Highly attractive boilies, made from well digestible components, birdfood, fish extracts and real eggs. It is characterized by a „home made“ natural appearance and a rich texture. It does not contain any dyes or artificial binders or other substitutes. Works very well even in cold water. Immediately after casting, it begins to slowly dissolve and release a cloud with small particles. Brings more bites during short sessions. At the same time, it is very suitable for massive regular baiting when you need to keep a large number of carp at your spot. The big advantage of this STARTER bolies is a great performance for an extremely favourable price. These boilies are available in the lovey flavour of Monster & Halibut and in the sweet version called Fruit Bomb that uses a mix of well proven and effective fruit essences, New in 2024 is Hot Spice which is like the name special spicy.


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