Recliner New Dynasty + opěra nohou

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Product code: M-RECND | Product EAN: 2000020805355

Product description

A unique combination of a luxurious recliner and comfortable bedchair with high stability and low weight. This product is manufactured from a material identical to that used in the production of the highest level bedchairs. The mattress is made from „M850 soft-touch“ whose characteristics include easy maintenance and excellent insulating properties. The front part of this recliner is fixed to the chair using unique locks manufactured from heavy-duty plastic and secured by a strong metal zip. All six legs of this chair are telescopic and are fitted with oversized mud feet to prevent them from sinking into the soft ground.


Size of sitting part (width x Length) 65 x 60 cm
Size of back part (width x Length) 65 x 78 cm
Size of packed chair 78 x 69 x 30 cm
Height of sitting part from the ground (from-to) 32 - 47 cm
Number of pieces in package 1
Strength 120 kg
Weight 7.1 kg armchair + 2 kg footstool
Note Complete dimension 65 x 112 cm

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