Rodpod Hardcore XL (6 legs)

Available > 50 pieces
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Product code: M-RPHC | Product EAN: 2000020817358

Uncompromising and extremely stable rod pod. It comes with three pairs of easily adjustable telescopic legs in different lengths to suit any terrain. The central bar is adjustable to suit all lengths of rod and the 3 rod, fixed width buzzer bars are detached with a flick of a couple of clips. Complete with luxurious carry case for transport.

3 pairs of legs of different length:

A - 82,5 cm – 154 cm
B - 40 cm  - 68 cm
C - 30 cm – 48 cm

Max. length from bar to bar 143 cm.


Weight 3,8 kg
Transport size 96 x 16 x 11 cm
Color black
Material rodpod + 3 pairs of legs of different length
Number of pieces in package rodpod + luxury bag

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