Tripod Premium promotion set

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Product code: MB-RPPRE | Product EAN: 2000020822055

This promotions set includes Tripod Premium + FREE 2x sounder EASY blue & green + FREE 2x Swing ARM EASY blue & green.

Tripod Premium

A high quality rodpod manufactured from a very strong aluminium alloy with a solid but extremely compact construction and an extended front buzzbar (to ensure a “V” position of the rods). Equipped with heavy duty plastic locks and a metal joint with a dual tilt-locking mechanism. The legs can be locked in place by a slight turn. This rodpod is supplied with a luxurious padded carry bag.


A simple but reliable with volume and tone adjustments made via wheel controls.

Swing Arm no.135

A high quality illuminated bite indicator with swingarm and a sliding weight. This indicator allows for the use of an additional chemical light. Fitted with a unique line clip to release the line.





Weight 3,6 kg
Number of pieces in package 1 TRIPOD + 2x Sounder Easy + 2x Swing ARM 135
Transport size 80 x 22 x 10 cm
Height Height of the center of the bar 44cm - 70cm


Zpětný odběr baterií - Take-back of batteries (doc 109.5 kB )

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