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22. 06. 14

Boilies Rapid Easy Catch - Pineapple +N.BA.

They work well in the short sessions or you can use them when the fish is not active and your commonly used boilies is not successful. The composition of the mix with a high percentage of the extruded ingredients supports a good digestibility and the function even in the cold water.Video author: Lukáš Nedělka

Eliška Havelková - Autumn carp fishing - MIVARDI CZ

Eliška and her friends enjoy carp fishing in the autumn part of the season!

Carp fishing on the big lake II. - Bobrman - MIVARDI CZ

Expeditions with friends from MIVARDI. Video full of emotions and nice fish on a very heavy big lake.

Michal Strnad - Carpfishing - MIVARDI CZ

Michal and his expeditions for carp in the 2020 season. Michal is a passionate carp hunter and he really enjoys fishing.

Wandering for carp II. - Bobrman - MIVARDI CZ

Pavel and his season, which was really incredibly successful.Beautiful catches, some advice and live commentary.

Tomáš Skála - Carp route - MIVARDI CZ

Tomáš Skála and his expeditions for carp in a short video! Very nice moments in nature!

Wandering for carp I. - Bobrman - MIVARDI CZ

Pavel and his season, which was really incredibly successful. Beautiful catches, some advice and live commentary.

Ondra Pokorny - Autumn carpfishing - MIVARDI CZ

Ondra and his expeditions in the fall for carp! Successful carpfishing and beautiful experiences!

Carp fishing on the big lake I. - Bobrman - MIVARDI CZ

Expeditions with friends from MIVARDI. Video full of emotions and nice fish on a very heavy big lake.

Jan Uličný - MIVARDI CZ - Big lake

Honza will introduce us to his hunt on a large lake in Slovakia!

On the river - Jan Prchlík - MIVARDI CZ

Jan Prchlík and his adventures on the largest Czech river, the Elbe!

Little river - Bobrman and friends - MIVARDI CZ

Summer adventure on a small river. Bobrman and his friends enjoyed the hunt. Video subtitles in English.

Carp fishing in summer - Eliška Havelková - MIVARDI CZ

Eliška and her summer expeditions for carp with her friend Michal Kafka.

Summer - Jan Uličný - MIVARDI CZ

Summer adventures of Tomáš Uličný in a short video.

Strong River - Pokorný Ondřej - MIVARDI CZ

Ondra Pokorný enjoyed his trips to the river.

How to catch carp - 24 hours - Bobrman & David

Bobrman and David - middle Elbe river - A quick expedition for carp ! Video with commentary and subtitles in English !

Carp fishing in spring - MIVARDI CZ - Eliška Havelková

Eliška and her expeditions for carp during the spring of 2020.

It's time - Jan Prchlík - MIVARDI CZ.

Honza was very successful in this year's fishing! Look at!

Walks on the river - Josef Petráš - MIVARDI CZ

Josef and his carp walks on his favorite river.

Jan Hubka - HOOKLINK Skinline StripShield - MIVARDI CZ

Jan Hubka introducing MIVARDI product HOOKLINK Skinline StripShield !

Jan Uličný - MIVARDI CZ - Carpfisnihg in the spring

Jan will present his carp fishing in the spring of 2020.

Spring is spring - Jan Prchlík - MIVARDI CZ

Our consultant Jan Prchlík and his successful expeditions for carp with MIVARDI products in the spring of 2020.

Amazing spring - Ondra Pokorný - MIVARDI CZ

Ondra and his very successful expeditions for carp with MIVARDI products.

Spring carp fishing - Martin Trnka - MIVARDI CZ

Martin and his spring carp hunt on the lake with MIVARDI products.

Lukas Nedelka- Under the shore !

Lukas Nedelka caught really beautiful carps on his spring expeditions!

Ondra Pokorný and his fishing at the beginning of the season!

Ondra's journey through the Czech waters at the beginning of this season on a short video


Lukáš Nedělka introducing MIVARDI product shelter BASE STATION !

Carp Goulash - Lukáš Nedělka

Lukáš Nedělka introducing MIVARDI products Boilie Carp Goulash - Excellent.

Lukáš Nedělka - Monster Crab

Lukáš Nedělka introducing MIVARDI products Boilie Monster Crab - Excellent.

Urban fishing - Bobrman

A beautiful video from a little unusual urban fishing. After all, these city waters have something in them. Thank you for your cooperation with Vítek Novák. Well, judge for yourself. Bobrman

Spring expedition - Lukáš Nedělka - MIVARDI CZ

Lukáš Nedělka's spring expedition turned out great, enjoy his hunt with him!

Boilie dry bags NEW DYNASTY - Lukáš Nedělka

Lukáš Nedělka introducing MIVARDI products Boilie dry bag New Dynasty !

Tomáš Lyčka - MIVARDI CZ - CamoCODE ARM

Tomáš Lyčka introducing MIVARDI products fishing chair CamoCODE ARM!

Jan Hubka - MIVARDI CZ - Swing arm MCX 88

Jan Hubka introducing MIVARDI products Swing ARM MCX88.

Lukáš Nedělka – M-BOAT – Fishing boats

Lukáš Nedělka introducing MIVARDI products M-BOAT! Fishing boats in stock.

Jan Hubka - OMICRON FS - Reel

Jan Hubka introducing MIVARDI products OMICRON FS!

LYNX LX - Lukáš Nedělka

Lukáš Nedělka introducing MIVARDI products reel LYNX LX!

Autumn Lake - Jan Prchlík - MIVARDI CZ

Jan Prchlík enjoys autumn fishing on the lake with MIVARDI products and as you can see, he is very successful! Beautiful shots of nature and caught fish.

Tomáš Skála - MIVARDI CZ - Summer time

Beautiful summer days by the river with Tomáš Skála!

Winter Fishing - Tomáš Lyčka

Tomáš Lyčka Enjoys winter fishing with friends using the Natural Concept boilies!

Hooks M-point - Jan Hubka

Jan Hubka introducing MIVARDI products hooks M-point!

Batoh CamoCODE Cube XL -Radek Šimák

Radek Šimák Vám představí produkt CamoCODE Cube XL v krátkém videu! Radek Šimák will introduce CamoCODE Cube XL in a short video!

Bedchair Comfort XL - Jan Hubka

A large, flat and absolutely comfortable bedchair. Soft pillow and well padded mattress with warm fleece cover provide great comfort even on longer sessions. The edges of the mattress are covered with a strong and washable material B-POL 600D which is almost indestructible and ensures a long service life. The legs are fitted with large swinging mud feet in an exclusive Mivardi design.

Jan Prchlík - Summer with NATURAL CONCEPT

Honza Prchlík and his summer fishing with boilies NATURAL CONCEPT!


Year of fishing, experiences, beautiful catches, this is the year with MIVARDI! Christmas video of team MIVARDI Czech republic! Have fun! Jan ,,Prchlajz" Prchlik & Pavel ,,Bobrman Vohralik" & Ondřej ,,Óňa" Pokorný & team MIVARDI CZ

Swing arm MCX 66 - Jan Hubka

Illuminated bite indicator with a uniquely shaped body and interchangeable coloured covers. With a sliding load, you can easily adjust the weight, including complete lightening of the indicator. The built in ball clip works reliably and safely with monofilaments and braided lines of any diameter. The indicator can be attached quickly and easily to the bankstick adapter via a sturdy bayonet clutch.

Chair CamoCODE Quattro

A luxurious version of our best-selling Comfort Quattro armchair with an ultra-comfortable fleece mattress in the modern CamoCODE design. It uses the popular and completely reliable system of folding the backrest when lifting the armrests. It is built on an extremely light and rigid aluminium frame with a load capacity of 160kg. The armchair features new developed mud feet and new leg locks in the unique Mivardi design. Four self-opening telescopic legs can be easily controlled by short pressing the lock lever.

Xtra Performance Set 2in1 - Bobrman

Bobrman and colleagues Vítek Novák and David Mach will introduce the Xtra Performance Set 2in1. Perfectly functional suit for an active time spent on water and other outdoor activities in unfavorable conditions. It is made of extremely lightweight three-layer laminate M-TECH1512 with a water column of 15000 mm and breathability of 12000 g/m2 /24h. Of course it comes with taped seams and branded waterproof zips.

Throwing Carbo stick - Jan Hubka

Luxury throwing stick made from the high modulus carbon and reinforced with 3K cross woven carbon. Thanks to its extremely low weight, it allows intensive baiting without the risk of fatigue and easy throwing the boilies at very long distances. It comes with a protective neoprene case.


Tomas Lycka and his holiday fishing experiences! Fishing with Natural Concept products!

Reel LYNX - Jan Hubka

Flagship of the Mivardi brand. This precisely manufactured reel will satisfy even the uncompromising demands of the advanced carp specialist.

Tomáš Skála - beautiful carp with weight 21kg

Reward for a great effort throughout the season!

NEWS 2019 MIVARDI - DRY BAG - Jan Uličný

Jan Uličný will present the news of MIVARDI. It´s DRY BAG!

Lukáš Nedělka - Bled - Slovenia

Lukas and his eye-catching video from one of Europe's most popular waters! Enjoy the atmosphere of Lake Bled. Mivardi team


Beautiful video of three young promoters from team MIVARDI CZ. Anglers: Tomas Lycka, Ondra Pudil and Martin Trnka.


Beautiful video of three young promoters from team MIVARDI CZ. Anglers: Tomas Lycka, Ondra Pudil and Martin Trnka

Lukas Nedelka - successful fishing!

Trully beautiful video from fishing of our tester Lukas Nedelka on stillwater waters and lakes in high quality.

One day event on the lake - Tomáš Lyčka

Our Tester Tomáš Lyčka and his wonderful video from short-term fishing on the lake.

Jan Prchlík - MIVARDI CZ - Natural Concept on the lake - part.II

Jan Prchlík with MIVARDI products and Natural Concept RAPID.

Ondra Pokorný - MIVARDI CZ - River - NATURAL CONCEPT

Ondra Pokorný, our young tester and his fishing adventure on the biggest river in the Czech Republic.

Jan Prchlík - MIVARDI CZ - Natural Concept on the lake !

Jan Prchlík with Stalker FC and Natural Concept RAPID.


Stefan and his first fishing with the NATURAL CONCEPT RAPID Mivardi product line.

Brzké Jaro 2019 - Ondřej Pokorný -Mivardi CZ

Cesta našeho testera Ondry Pokorného jarním obdobím roku 2019 s boilies Natural Concept!

Carp 30+ kg - local Czech water - Bobrman

Carp caught on new product RAPID NATURAL CONCEPT SEA - already on sale!

Jan Prchlík - IBCC 2019 - Team CZ MIVARDI + Natural Concept RAPID

Our MIVARDI team and its way to IBCC with NATURAL CONCEPT boil. Really beautiful video from Honza, where you can enjoy not only Balaton but also atmosphere in our team during prestigious race.


Surely you have registered the new NATURAL CONCEPT logo on the EASY CATCH boilies. Here is Bobrman's Spring Journey and wandering through beautiful fishing spots with a nature-inspired product.

Denisa Šafářová - Spring 2019

Deni Safarova, a women for which fishing is a real fun/a real hobby. Enjoy her great video.

Lukáš Nedělka - Garlic in night ...

Lukas and Misha show their work at the water with MIVARDI. You will see not only beautiful catches, but also beautiful surroundings and interesting cuts.

Polášek a Novák - Touches of spring !

Mivardi junior team and their start of the season!

Tomáš Skála - Spring...

Carp fishing in cold water.

Jan Prchlík - news - giant mirror from public water!

Slow warm up for our consultant Jan Prchlík! Awesome 21kg!!!

Bobrman - Elbe River

Bobrman's short instructions on how to speed up the footage on the Elbe River at short walks using MIVARDI products and baits and RAPID baits.

Martin Polak - Intro

Check out our new video made by new consultant Martin Polák!

Ladies and carpfishing!

What do you think about ladies and Carpfishing? Lets check our new video!

For Fishing 2015

Short video about fishing show For Fishing 2015

Free spool reel Marvelis

Introduction of the brand new free spool reel Marvelis.

Bivvy New Dynasty

Lets check how to build bivvy New Dynasty

World Carp Classic 2015 - Mivardi

Check our new video from WCC 2015!




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