Barrow System Monster

Available 30 pieces
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Product code: M-BAMONSET | Product EAN: 8595712407565

An uncompromising trolley system designed to transport all of your tackle to the waterside. The frame allows for effortless transport of the largest carryall bags in the front portion of the trolley and the adjustable side arms provide an oversized large main area for storage of a bivvy, bedchair, chair and other oversized items. The systems storage bags can be fitted into the frame where you can store many additional accessories. Comfortable and adjustable handles combined with an optimized center of gravity ensures for easy handling and effortless transport of a fully loaded barrow. If it is required that you carry a lot of heavy tackle an additional spare wheel can be fitted.

Attention - wheel tire inflation - 25 PSI written on the bike, but not Bars! Converted to Bars it is 1.723 Bar - ideal to inflate to 1.5 Bar!


Weight 20 kg
Number of pieces in package 1
Transport size 100 x 80 x 20 cm
Note Barrow + 2 wheels + 2 bags
Size Complete surface size 95 x 100 cm
Tips max. Air Pressure 1,5 BAR / 25 PSI
Strength Two wheels up to 200 kg, one wheel up to 140 kg

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