Trolley Executive

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Product code: M-TROEX | Product EAN: 8595712407572

A professionally designed large trolley for transport of a large amount of fishing tackle. Intelligent construction allows for rapid folding and unfolding of the trolley. The compact size is a large advantage for ease of transportation in a car. Ingenious placement of the wheel exactly in the centre of gravity ensures this trolley is effortless to push even when fully loaded.

Attention - wheel tire inflation - 25 PSI written on the bike, but not Bars! Converted to Bars it is 1.723 Bar - ideal to inflate to 1.5 Bar!

Overall dimensions: length 157 cm, width 72 cm, height 79 cm

Dimensions of the transport area: 118 x 68 cm



Weight 13,5 kg
Number of pieces in package 1
Strength 120 kg
Transport size 62 x 70 x 15 cm

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