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20-01-2022 - Another advantage of these balls is their round shape and their hardness, which will easily allow throwing and feeding the cobra even at a really extreme distance without fear of the ball breaking in flight, as is the case with some boilies. We can easily set these balls under the hook using the hair rig method, as we are used to when catching with boilies. For even greater attractiveness, I wrap the pellet under a hook in a paste, which not only attracts with its release, but also prolongs the disintegration time of the pellet by several hours.

It goes without saying that the pellet ball can also be combined with a floating POP UP boilie or just as the ball itself.

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A little tip.

Before setting itself, I recommend pre-drilling the bait in advance with a small drill, as the hardness of these balls is really high. I recommend preparing the boilies for stock in this way. I personally pre-drill a few balls in advance with a small drill, which I then place in a small box and pour these pair of baits under the hook with a dip. The hole they have made in them perfectly allows them to absorb the dip even more into each other, and this bait is 100% more attractive in its entire circumference and we have it ready for use immediately. This is how I prepare the boilies every time, and especially in the winter months or in very muddy areas, it is the perfect choice.

Some good advice.

I have been catching on ProActiv baits for some months now on my fishing trips and I used them intensively mainly in the autumn of last year, when the water cooled down quickly, and during my expeditions, when fish had no interest in boilies during my one-day trips, these baits came next. and saved me many expeditions. I usually feed two fishing spots as far as possible. I put boilies on one rod and feed them with the same baits, and I feed ProActiv baits on the other and feed around them only with these boilies. Already during the fourth autumn walk, I was convinced of the effectiveness of this bait and I took 90% shots of these baits, even without much massive feeding, a few boilies were enough and success came. In spring and autumn expeditions, I recommend rather smaller 20mm, and at a very low water temperature (below 10 degrees) at this time of year, I recommend soaking these baits before they reach the water. All you have to do is pour them in the required amount into a bucket and immerse them in lukewarm water for about half an hour and then pour the water over. We get perfectly started baits, which start working immediately after being thrown into cold water.

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What to say in conclusion.

These balls are a good bait that carp have not yet seen, and even in heavily captured areas, they will not leave you in any doubt that they really work. It is available in two diameters and in many flavors. My favorite spicy flavor is Kapří Guláš and B17, for which I have success all year round. This bait is very interesting and is a great alternative for all fishermen, where you can get really good feed at a very reasonable price. And perhaps it will not leave you in the lurch on any water and can be used without any problems throughout the year of our expeditions.

For the Mivardi Team Lukáš Nedělka

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