Cold days on the river - Part.1 - Jan Prchlík

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10-10-2021 - I don't even remember such a cold spring this year. The water has a temperature that it has had in mid-March in recent years, and the increased flow caused by the large amount of snow this year makes fishing difficult. Limiting the movement and time that a person can spend by the water complicates all this considerably and needs to be adapted. At first, I took short morning sessions, when my only company was the freezing cold, which i did not give up easily. Despite all the complications, I was quite successful.
Morning events:
I had selected a few places that came in handy for the morning quick events and where I suspected possible success. One was in a more streamlined part of the river, and it might seem that at this time, it would not be entirely ideal. I chose the second one in the part just above the weir, where there was a lot more depth and there were several variants where to try to persuade the fish to take a picture. I prepared both places in advance with some bait, when I clearly bet on the novelty in the Proactive variant. These are boilies that dissolve faster are ideal for colder water and especially for short sessions. Specifically, I decided on the B17 variant from the Platinum series, for which I have had the best results for several years.
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So I planned my first fishing trip and set off in the middle of the week, when I expected maximum peace. I had the place ready for starter and hoped I had caught some fish. I fished one rod against the current in the coast of the part where there was a little more depth and a muddy bottom. I threw the second rod into the more streamlined part of the river on the stony bottom and did not bet much on this rod. However, fish often prove to us that what we think may not always be right. If I had to score in the morning, it was supposed to be on a rod that was thrown under the shore. Before eight in the morning, however, I received a shot from the streamier part. One ball of B17 persuaded the beautiful scaly, which was my first fish from the river this year. Right at the start, such a fish made me incredibly happy, and even though I no longer had contact on this day, I went home satisfied. The next morning I had a dilemma whether to return to a successful spot or give space to another, which I also had pre-fed. I threw a coin and it was decided. I'll try the second one. This time I was forced to reach for a much heavier lead due to the fact that I threw the rig significantly further than the previous day and the current was still quite strong. So I reached for the maximum load that I had available, namely 227g in line lead shaped Gripper. Just in line leads, I have been using it for several seasons and they suit me perfectly. The only thing I was worried about was that when the bite came, the weight of the lead could complicate the fight, and eventually I could lose the fish because of it. However, this did not happen to me even once and I was very surprised.
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I enjoyed a wonderful frosty morning by the river all by myself and not a single fisherman was in sight. The surface was alive and I was giving myself quite a chance to take a picture. I had the rods arranged to cover possible places of fish movement. I threw the upper rod to the opposite side, where there was a little less depth and a sandy bottom. This place has given me not one nice fish in the past. I caught the second rod downstream slightly by half on a soft bottom. I was satisfied with both places and the shot would not surprise me with either. That morning, the rod scored halfway. After a nice fight, the first river scale of this year ended up on the mat. Again, it was only about one fish, but it was worth it. The third day I went to the river again. The places were both successful and I didn't know which ones to go to. Since I had planned to go to the two-day event in three days, I bet on the place from the previous day, where I had planned to go. I thought that some extra feeding could help me get a good result. On the third morning I had another fish again, and this time it was from the opposite shore. Nothing more happened next.

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