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14-04-2021 - Small fishing grounds, it is a possibility of a beautiful fishing experience. Often man is alone, only with nature, and he enjoys the peace and quiet to the fullest. This water area has no more than two hectares. The water is still quite cold, although the sun is very intense on some days. My friend Kabo and I arrive for a few days to enjoy not only fishing experiences, but to blend in with the surrounding environment.


I've already hunted here, so I'll let a colleague choose the right or left side. The left from our point of view is shallower, the right is basically on open water with twenty meters along the shore is a fallen tree that protrudes into the water. I choose tactics based entirely on particles and pellets. In some places I drive a mixture of oilseed rape, wheat and a lot of boiled corn. Furthermore, by backfilling rapidly dissolving TURBO RAPID pellets. The place by the tree is deeper, here I fish approx. at a depth of 2 meters. I choose the second place directly opposite each other at the protrusion of the shore.

IMG_0306.png (2.44 MB)

There is also a strip of reeds, going all the way to the water, I will try to clip and throw exactly to a depth of about half a meter. With the fact that I feed every morning, in the same way as in the first place and I will continue according to the reaction of the fish. The friend Kabo is in a shallow part and the coastal parts have been working very well here recently. So why not try it too, but here the cast must be incredibly accurate. Again, a long preparation and clipping, unfortunately, otherwise it is not possible. It's a centimeter game. The bait must lie directly on the slope or on its heel. We manage to place the rods. 

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However, we have to do every feeding by bypassing the water and throwing a shovel, we don't want to scare the fish with any kind of feed rockets. At the beginning, the stand combines hunting with classic boilies, I choose Ronnie-rig and floating boilies from the beginning, as well as a classic short rig made of fluorocarbon, also with only one floating bait. So if I use "floats", I always start with a yellow Ananaska RAPID, it always brings me success with a diameter of 14 mm, but I put another of my horses on the other, which has been very surprising to me lately. Monster Crab. Orange color, I don't know why, but it's a magnet for fish in some waters. Especially with a large layer of sediment at the bottom! The first day is not completely ideal, but the shot of the scale almost ninety centimeters pleased me very much, the short duel with the STALKER FC rod with a length of 270 cm and a pound of 2.75 is quite nourishing. The small Lynx LX reel, which premieres here, is really sharp. The fish literally wants to visit the tree. But the assembly holds, the rod handles lunges and we keep running.

IMG_0392.png (3.61 MB)

From the next morning in the morning, the fish react to the meal and we enjoy it as much as possible. We also have several "doubles", which is really a photo challenge for the two of us, we will try to take a picture with a self-timer, our friends will help with something, who sometimes run out for coffee when they pass by. We both like photos of fish from a beautiful environment, so here with my Canon there is room to really get rid of. Kingfishers are still circling around the shores of the district, after two days they don't even mind.

IMG_9731.png (3.67 MB)

At night, wild boar engraving behind my umbrella shelter accompanies this beautiful atmosphere, and when a coot burns out of the grove during the delivery, I'm excited. But I have another secret goal, there are also beautiful lines, ie PVA stockings I fill with a mixture of pellets with a diameter of 4 mm TURBO, EASY CATCH, SWEET CORN and Spiced Protein. I reduce the size of the floating boilies to a diameter of ten millimeters, the size of the M-point AS hook to a size of 6. I have to get that beautiful dark line!
To be continued.

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