Long-term feeding - the way to success 2.

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01-04-2023 - The baits I decided on helped me achieve great results this year, and the clear choice was to use Booster boilies, specifically B17 and Royal Plum. Since I was trying to catch bigger fish, I opted for more selective baits and rigs. I had a clear plan from the start, namely the presentation of two 24mm boilies. The first shot didn't take long and after a quick fight I had the first fish on the bank of a fairly decent size. After casting again, I decided not to top up and see how the fish would react.

Until ten in the evening I had one more contact from a good fish. There was quite a bit of carp activity on the surface, so putting in more feed and trying to keep the fish overnight was in order. I pulled the rods and threw about three kg of bait into the water. I must have listened to the jumping fish for another hour and looked forward to the morning cast and the three hours of fishing ahead of me.

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It's 4:45 a.m. and your favorite alarm clock tells you it's time to get laid. The thick fog made it a little difficult for me to orientate the direction of the cast, but since I was feeding in a larger area, I was sure that both rigs would be plus or minus in the right place. Nothing at all happened until dawn and I was resigned to the fact that the fish had left the spot and the morning shot would not arrive. I put the water on for tea, and before it starts to boil, the left rod reports contact. Nice surprise that I won't be without a shot. The weight of the fish and deliberate movements indicated that it would be a better carp. When I picked it up, it was clear that my fourth fish of the year, weighing over twenty kilograms, was parked at the bottom of the net. I was very happy that during the first outing I was able to talk myself into taking just such a carp. Of course, this result, as they say, gave me a kick and my determination to turn around here a few more times, either just to feed or to catch a walk again, was great. The plan was clear to feed the area, go to work and return to the place again in the evening. A considerable amount of feeding went into the water. After a fairly decent activity, I decided to toughen up a bit and gained about four kilos of feed. I was on edge all day. I arrived in the evening and the first thing I did was to throw up and then go take care of the surrounding things. Since I have little time for fishing during this period after my arrival, I always do it this way.

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Nothing happened until half past ten, and even the fish on the surface were not very active. However, I got the shot a little after halfway through. However, after a short fight, I lost the fish. Even that happens sometimes. I didn't even cast the rod anymore and only decently fed. The following morning was also deaf and before leaving I decided not to throw any feed into the water. As I was not well at all, the decision for a three-day break was appropriate. Even though the last walk was in the spirit of only one shot in the announced three-day break, I turned around at the water once with a feed ration. I had a clear long-term plan and regular intervals were simply necessary. The third walk was ahead of me. When I arrived the water level was dead. I heard some really good fish too. Quickcast with only PVA and the usual dwelling building routine.

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At 19.30 a bite on the right rod and a swinger stuck under the rod. I react immediately and a decent tug-of-war begins. Despite my efforts, the fish drove into a snag, about thirty meters from the shore. So I flipped the flap and hoped it would find its way out on its own. After about three minutes, my fishing line slowly began to unwind and the fight began anew. I had a considerable amount of luck and I managed to finish the fish successfully. I really looked at her in disbelief because her size was again quite large.

To be continued !

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