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25-03-2021 - Full featured high quality bite indicators with detachable snag ears. Four wheel controls allow for setting of the volume, tone, sensitivity and colour for each L.E.D. Standard features include advanced water resistance, drop back tone and power saving night light (operated manually). The high grade components incorporated into this alarm ensure maximum reliability in any conditions, long lifespan and low pover consumption . The receiver can be easily paired with new alarms. Any possibility of interference is minimized thanks to the employed rolling code transmission technology.

DSC_0991_Fotor.png (2.90 MB)

Pairing of new bite indicator with receiver:

All bite indicators received with the set are already paired with the receiver. To couple an extra bite indicator to your set:

1)Press the button placed laterally on the receiver and at the same time turn on the receiver using the main switch.

2)By repeated pressing of lateral button set the colour to what you wish couple to the new bite indicator.

3)Let the new bite indicator sound by simulating a bite (for instance use a piece of paper).

4)By turning off the receiver the setting will be stored in memory.

DSC_0995_Fotor.png (2.61 MB)

DSC_0998_Fotor.png (2.55 MB)

DSC_0994_Fotor.png (6.07 MB)

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