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22-01-2024 - Autumn is slowly but surely knocking on the door, and that means the beginning of my "event", which usually lasts a month and a half, sometimes longer, it mostly depends on the water and air temperature. This special event consists of two important tasks at the beginning. First - find a place, and second - choose the right strategy. Finding the exact spot on the river is a bit of a challenge, because for me, it mainly means being as isolated from people as possible.


It may seem like nonsense to you, but it really is enough if the fishermen are at least 200 m away from you, and you will be sure that no one will take your place and steal your catches. I had a total of two such places on the maps. I dismissed the first option immediately upon arrival because the thought of having so many possible "neighbours" around me made my toes curl.


dsc-0375-fotor.jpg (161 KB)


At that point, however, I was left with only the second option of a place, and I won't lie to you, we bet everything we had on it. Thank God the place was as I imagined, exactly as I wished. Now just map the water and let's go. The structure of the bottom was very promising, the trough turned nicely under my feet, which played into my cards, because then I would catch a lot under the rod tip. The depth was around 4 meters. The bottom of the river was hard and very stony, after a few casts with only lead, I found a piece of soft on the bottom. Bang, hit the spot! Everything worked out for me and I could slowly but surely start feeding the place. The plan was clear, ride every other day, if not every day, throw in something here and there.


dsc-0494-fotor.jpg (185 KB)


The feeding mainly consisted of boilie Squid and Monster & Halibut novelties. The beginnings were hard, feeding for a week and not throwing even once. What are we going to do, it was very difficult. The D-Day arrived, and I had been impatiently counting the minutes since the morning when I would be able to leave. I arrived at the place slightly before dusk. No procrastination, the rod and rods are ready.


dsc-0523-fotor.jpg (122 KB)


I put one rig just behind the edge in the river bed where I found a softer bottom, and here I intend to fish only on one ball of 24mm squid. I throw the other on a gentle slope, where it slowly descends to the trough under my feet. Here I put my tried and tested ball, namely Sea with a pineapple pop. Everything is ready, and I'm knocking with anticipation. It didn't even take an hour and there is the first fish of this place. A nice 15+ carp to start with, what more could you ask for. The fish are here, and apparently they like my feed. After just this catch, I am convinced that I have chosen very well, and I have something to look forward to.


dsc-0612-fotor.jpg (139 KB)


The whole time I went to the spot, I was always good at catching, sometimes less, sometimes more, but I always found the carp at the end of the rod. After less than three weeks, I completely changed the menu and eliminated Monster & Halibut, which I replaced with a much higher quality boilie, namely boilie Sea, which I mixed 3:1. This change has already paid off for me a few times, and I was hoping it would work here as well. And here it is! My tactics worked again. After changing the feed, the weight category of the carp also increased, I had peace of mind with the smaller fish and I calmly caught fish between 13 and 15 kg.

To be continued in the next part


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