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16-02-2024 - Entrix Bivvy - lots of space for reasonable price! Lightweight but extremely durable! A well designed and elaborated bivvy, completely developed by Mivardi to meet the seemingly incompatible demands of most anglers for an ideal mainstream level shelter. At an exceptionally attractive price, you can now get a truly spacious, quick-to-assemble bivvy for one or two anglers with ample interior space, large rear and front windows, and an extended front peak that protects the entrance area. This bivvy comes with a groundsheet attached with a zipper along the entire perimeter. It is exceptionally lightweight and compact for transportation. The cover, made of M-TEC300 material with a hexagonal texture, provides a water resistance of 8000mm. Telescopic tension bars are fitted with new Mivardi locks with extreme clamping pressure, allowing for perfect tensioning of the cover. A key design feature is the set of unique self-locking side tension bars. Their attachment is really quick and easy. Once snapped into position, these braces are firmly clamped by both ribs, significantly increasing the overall stiffness and stability of the bivvy. As a practical accessory, a separately available multifunctional holder for rods and landing nets can be used. This holder can be attached to the side tension bar. The bivvy can be complemented with an affordable and extremely practical mini overwrap of miniature transport size that covers the roof and parts of the side walls, significantly reducing condensation inside the bivvy and enhancing comfort in direct sunlight (offered separately). A full-size overwrap is also available, creating a spacious vestibule and ensuring maximum comfort during the stay.


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