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10-06-2024 - Vladimír Klimeš has had a very successful carp fishing season! RAPID products brought him beautiful carp weighing more than 20 kilograms. All these achievements are united by the Platinum B17 series boilies! Congratulations Vladimir. MIVARDI

RAPID - In stock today:

M-RABOBB170920    Rapid Boostered Boilies - B17 (250ml | 20mm)
M-RAPECHA10016    Rapid pelety - Classic Halibut (10kg | 16mm)
M-RAPECRH10016    Rapid pelety - Classic Red Halibut (10kg | 16mm)
M-RABOSTFRB3520    Rapid Boilies Starter - Fruit Bomb (3500g | 20mm)
M-RABOCPB170920    Rapid Boilies Platinum - B17 (950g | 20mm)
M-RABOCPB173320    Rapid Boilies Platinum - B17 (3300g | 20mm)
M-RAALB17    Rapid Aminoliquid - B17 (250ml)

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