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08-06-2024 - MCA Bite alarms, developed and designed by the Mivardi brand in the Czech Republic. Their rectangular retro body style is a return to the roots of carp fishing and emphasises the basic values - serious quality and reliability. They are fully loaded with functions, setting a new standard in their price category. They offer 8 volume levels including silent mode, 8 sensitivity levels, 8 tones with extremely wide range and 6 colors. Of course, they provide a dropback indication as well as a manually controlled dimmed nightlight. There are also some advanced functions such as low battery indicating and the anti-theft alarm. The receiver can work with up to six alarms. Together with sound, light and vibration signalling, the receiver also provides a low battery warning, the manually operated torch and a bivvy light is activated by a bite indication.

Bite alarms MIVARDI

3+1 2990,- / 119,99€     2+1 2499,- / 97,99€

M-BAMCA31    MCA Wireless 3+1
M-BAMCA21    MCA Wireless 2+1
M-BAMCASR    Single alarm MCA
M-BAMCASA    Single receiver MCA

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