Hanger Entrix - NEW 2024

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08-07-2024 - Precisely manufactured hanger with originally designed body, available in six colours. It is equipped with a ball clip with adjustable tension and a metal adaptor for a bankstick. In difficult weather conditions or when fishing at long distance, it can be loaded with separately available additional weights.

Hanger Entrix

M-HANENRE    Hanger Entrix - Červený / Red
M-HANENGR    Hanger Entrix - Zelený / Green
M-HANENBL    Hanger Entrix - Modrý / Blue
M-HANENYE    Hanger Entrix - Žlutý / Yellow
M-HANENEL    Hanger Entrix - extra zátěže / extra loads (2ks)
M-HANENPU    Hanger Entrix - Růžový / Pink
M-HANENBK    Hanger Entrix - Černý / Black

m-hanen-det3.jpg (649 KB)

m-hanen-det4.jpg (562 KB)

m-hanen-det5.jpg (785 KB)

m-hanenbk-det1.jpg (953 KB)

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