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01-03-2022 - New storage according to the list. Dear customers, new items are in stock for you. The list of available items is placed in the attached table. We wish you a pleasant purchase on our e-shop and a lot of success with MIVARDI products.

Katalog    Název
M-TSPREL    Vrhací tyč Premium - L
M-TSPREM    Vrhací tyč Premium - M
M-ACOTHSPMI    Vrhací lopatka malá
M-ACOTHSPME    Vrhací lopatka střední
M-ACOTHSPLA    Vrhací lopatka velká
M-ACOTHSPH    Rukojeť k vrhací lopatce
M-ACOTHSPHL    Rukojeť k vrhací lopatce dlouhá
M-MFZL20    Method Feeder Zinc L - 20g
M-MFZL30    Method Feeder Zinc L - 30g
M-MFZL40    Method Feeder Zinc L - 40g
M-MFZL50    Method Feeder Zinc XL - 50g
M-MFZL60    Method Feeder Zinc XL - 60g
M-MFPL20    Method Feeder Premium L - 20g
M-MFPL30    Method Feeder Premium L - 30g
M-MFPL40    Method Feeder Premium L - 40g
M-MFPL50    Method Feeder Premium L - 50g
M-MFPL60    Method Feeder Premium L - 60g
M-MFPXL50    Method Feeder Premium XL - 50g
M-MFPXL60    Method Feeder Premium XL - 60g
M-MFPXL80    Method Feeder Premium XL - 80g
M-MFSPL234    Method Feeder set Premium L (20g + 30g + 40g + formička)
M-MFSPL345    Method Feeder set Premium L (30g + 40g + 50g + formička)
M-MFSPXL56    Method Feeder set Premium XL (50g + 60g + formička)
M-MFML    Method Feeder formička L
M-MFMXL    Method Feeder formička XL
M-LSCLONS    Chem. světlo Clip On - S
M-LSCLONSS    Chem. světlo Clip On - SS
M-LSAURO45    Chem. světlo Aurora - 4.5mm
M-LSAURO3    Chem. světlo Aurora - 3mm

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